A gorgeous way to spend a sunday…

A gorgeous way to spend a sunday...

We were greeted at the door with smiles as we entered the reception area of longmeadows in fourways.

This is a beautiful set open area that flows onto a gorgeous and very well kept garden with towering trees and glorious green grass.

we were seated in the garden so its not a great idea if you decide to wear heels.

Our waiters were wonderful and smily. I’d say 6/10.
Menu was a 2set @ R190 or 3set R 240 menu which I found wonderful as I didn’t want to have dessert.

This is my cute little starter from the 2 meal menu option. The meal was nicely presented however i found it to be slightly dry and the amount of avo took over the flavor of the salmon.

The main meal i decided to have the lamb cutlets and a side salad. This was very disappointing as the lamb was so fatty there was maybe a mouthful of meat per cut and by the time i had sawed my way through it all i was properly grossed out.

My salad was no better, I received a bowl of lettuce, 4 sliced up baby tomatos and a couple of cucumber bits. The dressing was a watered down mayo with black bits floating in it which i hoped were peppercorns. rating 2/10

The salmon however looked wonderful with the arrangement of veg.

Overall its a nice place to have a dinner or sunday lunch, not inlove with the food and the fact that you have to trek from where ever you are sitting up the hill to the loo.

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