Chicken and broccoli lunchbox quickie

This is one of my most favorite! it so super and quick easy.

This reminds me of those meals that my mom used to make, they used to wow me so much and i thought she was super woman. hint hint… if you have kids have them help you mix it together and put it in the muffin try (or around it) its the easiest way to get kids to eat food because they have a sense of pride having helped. ALSO… if you have more than one bundle of joy make it a race game.

1 child helps

you prep

1 child is the time boss

Lets get started shall we…  this will make 6 muffin size.


1 x Chicken mince

1x Veg (what ever you have in your fridge really) I only had broccoli

1x Chicken spices

1x egg

2 Tsp Olive oil



This is the really hard part, I struggled with this one 🙂

Turn the oven to 180 deg /c

Chop veg into chunky pieces

Mix everything together


I know that was hard its nearly over , Now we get to put it into a silicon muffin tray


Then after 20 minutes in the oven, the little pockets of gorgeousness are ready for kids lunch boxes or yours. Fantastic to have with a salad and a sprinkle of pine nuts , or with a wonderful arrangement of pumpkin and butternut.


Even great on its own.


Enjoy and please let me know what you think or what other veg you used.

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