Homemade fruit rollup , kids cant get enough!!

This is fantastic for lunch boxes,diets and parties 🙂 Im going to try mango next.

One of the recipe projects I am currently in love with is homemade fruit leather. It’s so easy to make, it tastes great, it’s a very easy way to use up a lot of fruit, it’s cheaper than buying fruit leather, and it makes nice gifts too.

Persimmons are currently in season and my mom has a giant persimmon tree that always produces more fruit than we can consume. We usually make dried persimmon slices, but this year I thought I’d try making fruit leather.

These were so easy to make and taste just like the ones you can buy from the store. I brought some home to my family and they loved it too. They even gave me another bag of persimmons on this recent trip home so that I could make them more.

I love that this is a project I can play with all year long with different kinds of fruit that are in season. I plan on making some more soon and gifting them to friends and family.


Homemade Fruit Leather


6 cups of chopped, very ripe fruit (I used persimmons for this one)
sugar to taste if needed (some fruit, like the persimmons, are so sweet on their own that no sugar is needed)


1. Blend fruit and sugar (if using) in blender until smooth.
2. Set oven at lowest temperature setting (mine was at 180 F). Line two 13 x 18 baking sheet with Silpat mats.
3. Pour fruit mixture onto silpat mats and spread with the back of a large spoon until the fruit mixture makes a sheet about a 1/8 inch thick across the surface of the silpat.
4. Place baking sheets in the oven and bake for 6-8 hours, until fruit is dry. When you touch it, it should be still a little sticky, but it should be set and solid (not wet) like fruit leather.
5. Let fruit leather cool. Once it is finished cooling, gently peel off the fruit leather from the Silpat. It should come off the mat easily. Cut small pieces of parchment paper (to desired length and width of fruit leather strips you want), then cut fruit leather to slightly under the size of the parchment paper. Place onto parchment paper and roll together. Tie with a string to hold the roll. Repeat with rest of fruit leather. Store in airtight container in a cool space.


have fun and let me know your progress or thoughts.

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